Tailwind dashboard template with alpinejs and Chart.js was created to meet the needs of backend developers. Built with tailwind css 3 with light/dark mode and also supports RTL for Arabic sites.  Integrated with Npm, browsersync and gulp for automatic workflow.

tailwind dashboard template
tailwind dashboard template

Tailwind dashboard example

Taildash has provided a dashboard example to make it easier for you to start a project with a demo that has been provided.

Here’s an example of a dashboard already available on taildash:

  • Cms Dashboard
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Crm Dashboard
  • Project Dashboard
  • Ecommerce Dashboard
  • Hosting Dashboard

Tailwind css layout

If you need a flexible dashboard, Taildash also has several layouts to choose from. The following layouts are available on Taildash:

  • Side Dark
  • Dark mode
  • RTL mode
  • Compact
  • Top Navbar
  • Preloader

Tailwind admin template

Tailwind admin template dark
Tailwind admin template dark

Taildash is made by Aribudin, the same developer who built the bootnews theme. So there is no doubt that the quality is guaranteed.